We take a small deposit of £120 to secure the date, after that you’re all booked in and allows us to turn down anyone else looking for your date. The remainder will then be due one month before the day of the wedding and you’ll get a receipt after each payment!
I’m currently based in South Wales near Cardiff, and yes, we can absolutely meet up. Just shoot me an email and we’ll get something arranged! If we’re quite the journey away then we’d be more than happy to Skype, Facetime or give you a call!
Nope! Totally non-binding. You’re free to to keep looking around before getting back to me with an answer. I’ll have a ton of questions to get a better feel for your day during the meeting but definitely nothing to be worried about, I’m just gathering all the important details for the day in case we don’t have much chance to chat again before the wedding!
Safe and sound! We shoot with two SD cards at the same time on every camera to minimize any chance of data loss. While editing, all photos are backed up in a minimum of two separate physical locations in case of fire or theft.
Absolutely. I have Full Indemnity and Public Liability insurance should the venue require it!
Absolutely! I fully appreciate that it’s difficult being in front of the camera. Even as a photographer, I know how awkward it might especially if its your first time! Rest assured that we’ll always try and make you feel as comfortable as possible by finding out what your limits are before hand. If you’d still like to get some group shots done without the couple shots then that won’t be a problem! We’ll direct the day in a way to keep you as comfortable as possible!
Of course! We fully appriciate how busy planning a wedding can be so we’ll always try and make booking as simple as possible. If you’d prefer to sort everything out over email or Facebook message you are more than welcome! This is how a majority of our weddings get booked.
None! We’ve recently scrapped our travel fee for normal package hours so there will be no hidden extra charges on your bill for travel. If you’re requesting a custom quote for hours which would go far beyond our normal day then we may factor in a small cost for a hotel to ensure we can travel to you and back safely.
Unless we’ve arranged something special, all of our packages cover from bride prep / groom prep to first dance! Our usual working hours are roughly from 10:00am to 8:30pm with a small break while everyone eats to back-up our cards and eat our dinner. These aren’t limits per-say, however we don’t usually stray far from these times so if you need a few extra hours just let me know and we’ll sort something out!
While food is always greatly appreciated, we fully understand how expensive it gets per head when you add the word “wedding” to the menu! We’ll always bring a back-up meal or grab a bite to eat on our break just in case.
The usual turn around time is one month per service. For example, if you were to book the Photo + Video package, the photos would come first, the highlight cut a month later and finally the long cut a month after that. I appreciate this can seem like an eternity when you’re dying to relive your perfect day, luckily it’s actually lightning speed compared to the average creative wedding vendor (most take up to six months!). It’s possible that you’ll receive your photos and videos sooner than the deadline as we’ll always try and get things back as quick as I can.
As I’m sure most photographers and videographers will agree, it’s pretty difficult to book weddings without a nice, big portfolio to show off. By default, we may use your photos & videos that were taken on the day to promote our business. We hope you will take this as a compliment and as a chance to make others jealous of your gorgeous day!
A very common question, the documentary cut has a different vibe to the highlight cut due to the sheer amount more footage which gives it a very different tone. The editing style will be linear with no cutting back and forth to make sure the story of the entire day is told from start to finish. The order and choice of songs may be different to match the new tone of this cut. We edit the Documentary in a way to maximise content, whereas the Highlight Cut is made to tell a story in the most visually pleasing way possible.